Finally, some measurable progress. I have come to peace with the process of painting – cutting in, endless rolling – it’s almost cathartic at this point, but one day while Mike was in the in the shower, I started to investigate an odd little wrinkle in the wall and ended up ripping down an entire room of wallpaper and the 17 layers on paint on top of it. I was left with this (x’s four walls). So a simple painting project turned into a full-on undertaking.IMG_0736

Little did I know, to repair the cracks required hours and hours of applying joint compound and sanding – an enormous time commitment compared to taking the wallpaper down. So I did all that, and took down the tulip wallpaper border in both rooms (which also took an eternity) scraped that pink radiator after we removed the cover, and spray painted it black. Then we painted both rooms where I was reacquainted with Mike’s ability to find every single painting mistake I have made. I rehung all the curtains above the windows instead of where they were on the wood molding. Finally, we rearranged some furniture and hung art. Since we moved in, we hadn’t use the living room and while it seems kind of redundant to have two tv’s downstairs, we like spending time in both rooms now. There is still SO much to do, but at least this is a pretty good start.

This is what the dining room looked like when we first saw the house (and pretty much what it looked like when we bought the house because the previous owner left us a lot of crap to dispose of). I can’t get over how small it looks. Not that you typically see an enormous sofa and 6 person dining set in the same room, but the space feels a lot larger now.


This is where we are now.


Picasso is taking a break from securing the premises to pose.



This is the living room before (not pictured is splattered food on the wall, I have no idea). we inherited that sofa, as well as another even more hideous one and they lived on our lawn for about a week which really classed up the yard.


And this is where we are currently binge watching The Crown.




Next up, these stairs – some sort of transformation is already underway and isn’t going as planned – go figure. More to come. I will tempt you with the fact we discovered decades-old cat vomit under the runner when we took it up.