I have a hard time writing blog posts. There are probably 100 reasons for this, but recently I narrowed it down to two main issues. The first is nothing is even remotely close to being a complete project around here. Every room in the house is at a range of complete of about 0-40% which doesn’t really scream ‘take pictures and show me to the world!’ I don’t want you to look at something and then scrunch you face up and wonder “is she really a designer?” At the rate we are moving, though, you are likely to see more of our house if you look through the windows at night than via this blog so I decided to periodically post a room at a time in whatever state it’s in. I can show you where it started which is inevitably in a similar state to where it is now, let you in on what we have done, and more importantly, where it’s headed. At least then we can go on this journey together – which brings me to my next issue with hitting the POST button. I have this fear I’ll give you a sneak peak at my new freshly painted wall and someone will comment “I’m impressed by your attempt to capture a very subtle shade of greenish gray on your iPhone without adequate lighting, but what I really notice by the way your floor sags is that your house is literally getting sucked into the core of the earth”, or “I had wiring like that too once! I’d send you a picture but my house burned down. I spend about 80% of my free time worrying about what can happen to this house. It was really windy recently with rattling windows and ghostly ‘wooooooos’ and a thought came to me. Can the air pressure become such that all 46 windows can implode simultaneously? What I need to remember is this house has stood here for 122 years, albeit a bit more slant now than in the beginning of its life.

So until I get my act together and can put up an actual post about a partially finished space, here’s a vignette in the dining room. It’s an antique buffet we bought from our neighbor. In my true half-ass style, it’s been partially reconstructed, but not refinished. The art is from Hobby Lobby. I figured the perfect time to ask Mike to have some poor girl get a rolling ladder out and dig though all the Jesus prints to retrieve it for me was at the height of a Saturday during the holiday season. The sconces and lantern are courtesy of my mom, as is the little stump stool under the buffet. The plant holder is an old tool box from the Randolph Street Market. The buffet needs a lot more work, walls need to be painted and if I really wanted to get crazy, I could take 15 seconds to fill the hole above the art (which for months after we moved in was just a giant blue screw sticking out of the wall)

dining room