Every time I use our kitchen, I am mostly horrified because no matter how much we clean, everything is just a little sticky, almost every run of vanilla-colored Corian countertop is cracked, and none of the cabinets align. The faucet leaks despite two replacement parts, and the oven has it’s own idea of temperature. But sometimes, as I stand there in hum of the rather large undercabinet lights (all different color temperatures, of course) I realize this kitchen was probably pretty badass and way ahead of its time in the 80’s.


Exhibit A – The infamous luminous ceiling. I realize this ceiling came to be because they had to conceal the air conditioning ducts coming from the attic down to the first floor, but I bet people were pretty impressed with this at the first family party post-reno. Don’t overlook the brass grid…it’s pretty high end. That ceiling has gotta go.



Exhibit B – We have 2 pullout drawers for pots and pans. Eat your heart out IKEA


Exhibit C – this amazing double oven. Who cares if it doesn’t have any idea what temperature it wants to be! There’s two of them! (let’s not judge on the box o’ wine, we need it okay?)


Exhibit D – a 36” professional-ish gas cooktop. The flames on this thing are about 12” tall on full blast, and all the identification is worn off so we never know which on we are turning on.

IMG_0161 2

Does anyone else have a cooktop like this with drawers under it? I’m scared to put anything in those drawers.

I think the most interesting thing about this kitchen is that my mom has one very similar from the same time but it doesn’t look nearly as dated because it’s white. I wouldn’t ever be so bold to think the kitchen we end up putting in this house won’t be publicly shamed on the internet in 30 years, but it goes to show you that some colors/materials/designs are quite a more timeless than others.


That CEILING tho…..woof