This is the day I have been waiting for. After a complete renovation of a bungalow in Oak Park and almost over a year living in our Berwyn house with renters, we have paid our dues and it’s time for our very own house. We have been passively and actively looking around for months – had two houses under contract only to end up walking away because of issues, but this time, it all finally fell into place.


About two years ago when I was trying to find some history on Berwyn and its Victorians, I spotted this photo on Pinterest:

pink house

Pink! Sadly, the bushes have only increased their chokehold on the porch

It’s like a little architectural cupcake. I wasn’t so much a fan of the color, but fell in love with the details. I immediately started virtually exploring the streets of South Berwyn via Google Maps to find out where it was. I couldn’t find it. Fast forward a few months later when we bought our current house and we come to find out it’s on the same street. It didn’t really matter, it wasn’t for sale. I used to make Mike drive and walk by it all the time – even if it was out of the way. One day, we noticed they were having an estate sale and I forced Mike to turn the car around and let me go. I had to see what was inside and find out if this meant they would be selling the house. The owners were relocating to Florida and the house would soon be on the market for a price I almost had to sit down for. It was about 20k more than the most expensive house sale in Berwyn. That house was almost fully renovated….this one needs some major love. I proceeded to spend the remainder of the day in a shitty mood. It sat on the market for a few months because who would be crazy enough to take on a huge project like this kitchen (which is only the tip of the iceberg, this house needs work in every single room)?



The Kitchen…at least it’s spacious?

As of yesterday, it’s ours. I could barely talk about it for a month because I thought it was too good to be true, but yesterday we signed some papers, and got the keys. Anyone who knows the house inevitably asks what our first project will be. Unfortunately it’s the roof which will likely cost more than our car. I wish it was a new kitchen, or a fresh exterior paint job – proper for the painted lady it is. It’s actually not pink anymore, it’s white and some sort of dusty mauve color which, go figure, I am not a fan of.

We will be busy on this one for a long time to come and hope you’ll come along for the ride!